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Discover the hottest new wire jewelry designs with the Step by Step Wire Jewelry December 2013/January 2014 issue. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this issue has design tips for everyone to craft beautiful wire jewelry!


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Featured Artisan Jewelry Designer – ShaynaB Jewelry

Stand Out For Fall Tiger’s Eye Teardrop Necklace
Tiger’s eye teardrop with malachite for only $89.00

Tiger's Eye Teardrop Necklace

Welcome To The Jungle Tiger’s Eye and Malachite Necklace
Tiger’s eye, malachite, vermeil and bali silver for only $99.00

Tiger's Eye Silver Necklace


Jewelry Making Design Challenge 2013

This video from The Potomac Bead Company sets up a new design challenge for all of our subscribers, fans, and customers. These kits ($55 value) are available…

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If you’re a high-tech maker, handy tinkerer, inspiring inventor or hobbyist, having your own 3D Printer at home will enable you to unleash your creativity.

Be the hero of the house by being able to repair things for a fraction of the cost of having to buy replacement parts.

Learn More about this disruptive technology.

3D printing is changing architecture and design. Autodesk is a free and easy-to-use software for hobbyists who feel like making super cool stuff and DIY projects from their 3D models. Open-source designs and 3D printing are changing manufacturing on you. These 3d printing machines are finicky, difficult to operate, and expensive right now, but not for long! The price will come down and someone will create an easy-to-use 3D printer, and with a click or two we’re off into the 3D-printed future.

3D Printing Channel

Visit the 3D Printing Channel for more info.

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Florida Tennis Academy Tennis is a great sport and hobby. The ProWorld Tennis academy will provide each player with a fun, inspiring and positive environment that at the same time infuses values of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline. The goal is not only to create elite athletes, but also to shape players to be great all around people. Where the simplicity of the game is emphasized and being humble, disciplined and hard working is part of the top junior tennis training.

A good foundation provides the building blocks for success in every area in life. We want our little pros to love the sport while we teach them the values of hard work and dedication. We aim to instill a good work ethic while still maintaining the fun, playful environment that should accompany every sport at this age. The technical aspect is crucial at this age.

We will ensure that they will start with the best foundations and principle while at the same time having fun.

The Student Athlete program is an intensive tennis program geared toward players who have limited time due to school commitment. This program will address all the principles of our other programs. This innovative program is fast paced but intense at the same time. We integrate fitness and tennis to create the perfect balance for players. This program will prepare you to compete at a high level.

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Furniture Fabric Protection FiberCare promises to help keep your fabrics looking great and lasting longer. This is accomplished through treatment and a personal maintenance consultation to show you how to care for your fabrics.

All fabrics are different and so are your potential problems. With this in mind, we provide you with a complimentary Care-Free Clean-Up Kit and personal instructions on how to best maintain and care for your furnishings.

When my customers call for fabric protection they have a furnishing they have invested in and want to protect. They’ve invested time in choosing the fabric, they’ve invested energy in finding the perfect piece of furniture for their room and they’ve invested money to buy this perfect piece. I know that. It is my job to carefully protect those pieces and teach my customer how to keep their furnishings looking great and lasting longer.

I like to spend time with my customers, learning their concerns; whether its dogs, children, wine, hand oil or wear and tear. I believe part of my job is to educate my customer. To tell them honestly what to expect from fabric protection, to teach them how to take care of their spots, spills and other concerns. And to them employ procedures that will maximize fiber life and minimize wear and tear. Caring.

– Joan Friedman, FiberCare, Inc. , President

Visit to learn more about all the fabric protection treatments.

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Philip Coppens

Philip Coppens, commentator on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens: The Series, has died from cancer. His wife, Kathleen McGowan, confirmed the news on her Facebook page. “My eternal beloved, my grail knight, my poet prince has made his transition. He is in the arms of the angels. In his last words he asked that I thank you all for loving him so much,” she wrote. A fundraiser page set up at GiveForward (to raise money for his cancer treatments) also confirmed that Philip Coppens is dead. There are other updates of a personal nature available on the website. You can view it for yourself here.

“Philip Coppens has moved on to the next level. The transitionary period between this life and the reincarnation of the next IS heaven,” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, friend, colleague, and fellow Ancient Aliens commentator.

Hundreds of “RIP” messages have poured in on the official Facebook page of Philip Coppens, the author and investigative journalist best known for his work in the fields of ancient history and paranormal sciences.

News of Coppens’ death has yet to be confirmed by major news outlets, and our own emails to the author and his colleagues have yet to be returned. 2012 saw a number of death hoaxes started on social media websites like Facebook, so we must stress that Coppens’ death is an unconfirmed report at this time.

However, his declining health in recent months lends some credibility to the potential of his untimely death. Coppens regularly uses his Twitter and Facebook accounts, though has done so less and less in recent weeks, primarily updating fans on his condition. “My fourth week in hospital is here today. Please keep praying for my recovery,” he wrote on December 22.

According to Coppens’ Facebook, he has been hospitalized in Los Angeles since November 25, and was diagnosed on December 13 with angiosarcoma, a rare cancer that is often fatal especially if it manifests in the liver.

On December 24, Coppens wrote: “My in-laws found me a copy of the British Museum crystal skull. His name is Vin. A lovely new companion,” on his Facebook, along with a photo which shows that he was still hospitalized at that time.

Coppens died of angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Coppens authored numerous books, including The Ancient Alien Question and The Lost Civilization Enigma. He was also featured in several documentaries and television programs, including The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.

A page created to fund his cancer treatment has been updated with the following message:

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you that earlier today (December 30th, 2012), after a difficult weekend and emergency surgeries, Filip (Philip) Coppens passed away. Suffering from a sudden and unexplainable illness, Filip was just hospitalized a few weeks ago and had been just recently diagnosed with a rare cancer called angiosarcoma, which attacks the inner lining of blood vessels. While the causes still remain unknown, the results are usually fast-growing and highly aggressive tumors. Because of the tendency to reoccur near the original site, surgery is the primary treatment, with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy both before and after. So much is still unknown about this rare disease, accounting for only 0.1% of adult malignancies. Filip and his family very bravely faced the numerous tests and specialists, especially during this holiday season. There were numerous surgeries performed and he underwent many traditional treatments. He remained hospitalized and the levels of pain varied from day to day. Their love and spiritual belief helped Filip and Kathleen through until now and it is with great sadness that we share the news of his passing.


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Volunteering in America

Volunteer at your local pet shelter. The need is staggering and the rewards can change (and save) lives.


Volunteering and Civic Life In America

Volunteering and Civic Life in America, a report issued by the Corporation for National and Community Service in partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship, shows that Americans significantly increased their commitment to volunteering and civic engagement in 2011, with the national volunteer rate reaching a five-year high.

The report also finds that parents of school-aged children contributed more than 2.5 billion hours of their time to volunteer efforts in 2011, most of it to school-based projects, underscoring the pivotal role that schools play as hubs for local volunteer efforts.

Overall, 64.3 million Americans (more than one in four adults) volunteered through a formal organization last year, an increase of 1.5 million from 2010. The 7.9 billion hours these individuals volunteered is valued at $171 billion. Among citizens who volunteered through an organization, the top activities included fundraising or selling items to raise money (26.2%); collecting, preparing, distributing, or serving food (23.6%); engaging in general labor or transportation (20.3%); or tutoring or teaching (18.2%).

The data for this report was collected through two supplements to the Current Population Survey (CPS): the Volunteer Supplement and the Civic Engagement Supplement. The CPS is a monthly survey of about 60,000 households (approximately 100,000 adults), conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau on behalf of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The selected supplements collect data on the volunteering, voting, and civic activities of adults age 16 and older for volunteering and 18 and older for the civic supplement. Volunteers are considered individuals who performed unpaid volunteer activities through or for an organization at any point during the 12-month period (from September 1st of the prior year through the survey week in September of the survey year).

Volunteering and Civic Life in America provides an opportunity for policy makers, nonprofit and business leaders, and interested individuals to interact with their local data and access analysis on volunteering trends across the country. The site also hosts tools and effective practices designed to help local leaders target volunteer recruiting efforts more effectively, match local programs with available volunteer resources, fill service gaps, and do a better job of retaining their volunteers.

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Wildlife Habitat Falling To Deforestation

Wildlife around the world are under siege like never before. In many cases, the problems are escalating due to the anemic global economy. Rhinos, tigers, orangutans and many other species are critically endangered and could be extinct within just a few years. The animals in our oceans are facing the same plight. Dolphins, whales, sharks, and many other ocean dwellers are being pushed to the verge of extinction.

Sumatra elephant and tigers endangered

On the domestic side of the animal kingdom, the problems are just as daunting. Cats, dogs, horses and many other creatures are neglected, abused, and tortured by people who often are equally as abusive to people. Plus, millions of unwanted and abandoned pets and horses are killed each year. Often under inhumane and horrific conditions.

The good news is that some very brave and beautiful souls are working hard to give these creatures a voice and a chance. Celebrities and unsung heroes alike are joining hands and rising up against greed, cruelty and injustice. “The Defenders” is a multimedia project that will recognize these heroes, while inspiring others to take action. people such as Captain Paul Watson, The Barbi Twins, Ken Wahl, Paul McCartney, Yao Ming, Bruce Springsteen, and man, many others are worthy role models for all of us.

We can’t afford the time necessary to go through traditional publishers and media companies. As an “Indie” project, we can move much quicker and have much more editorial control of the content.

– Free e-Book. We will promote it heavily to schools, home schools, libraries, and animal lovers around the world.
– Multidimensional website that will mirror the book, while offering additional resources, forums, and networking forums. We want people to have access to the information, even if that don’t have an e-reader.
– Global Promotion. Social media, online media, and traditional media.

– Video production (for news, YouTube, movies, etc. We believe that The Defenders also will make a popular television show for broadcast or cable).

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The Top 5 Hobbies For Seniors


Building model cars is for the crafty, patient retiree. It's lots of fun and inspiring as projects come together. Those are the top 5 pastimes listed by Retirement Hobbies. Here are some other great hobbies for seniors as listed by

Seniors find new ‘Life’ at Mt. Zion center – Winston-Salem Chronicle

Winston-Salem ChronicleSeniors find new ‘Life’ at Mt. Zion centerWinston-Salem ChronicleThe goal of the Center is to provide opportunities for fellowship and create new interests and hobbies for seniors, while stimulating their mental capacities thro …

In-Home Care in Rancho Santa Margarita (Senior Care | Elder Care) by Comfort Keepers

CK Interactive Caregiving clip.wmv brought to you by Comfort Keepers: Comfort Keepers of Mission Viejo: 26060 Acero, Suite 101, Mission Viejo, CA, 92691 Phone: 949-716-8832 Serving Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon, Foot…

Residents at The Argyle in Denver, Colorado are welcomed to participate in a range of fun social and physical activities, such as exercise classes, potluck meals, bingo, card games, movies and special occasion parties. Transportation to other locations is also available upon request. For years The Argyle Park in Denver has been a part of the surrounding community, conveniently situated in a quiet neighborhood, right around the corner from shopping and medical facilities. The building is even located on a central bus line for easy transportation, allowing residents to maintain an independent senior lifestyle.

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If you live in a winter climate like I do, you’re finding yourself stuck with indoor activities right now, so I’m going to name ten things I enjoy doing for little or no cost in the winter.These are all things that I fill my time with indoors, and each of them has little or no cost.

I don’t expect you’ll enjoy all of these. Instead, I suggest reading all of these and trying one or two of them (or more, if you like). Everyone is different and everyone has different passions.

Play a board or card game
First of all, if you associate board games and card games with endless, boring games of Monopoly from your youth, you’re missing out. Monopoly was first published in an early version in 1910. Comparing Monopoly to a modern board game is like comparing a Model T to a Lexus.

Try playing a more modern board game, like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride. Look for a local hobby shop in your area and ask for a demonstration of the game if you don’t have access to a copy, just to see if you enjoy it. Board games can make for a great holiday gift.

If nothing else, a standard $1 deck of playing cards can provide lots and lots of gaming. You can play poker, euchre, pitch, bridge, rummy… the list goes on and on. There are also many, many solitaire games to play.

Read (or re-read) a book
My shelves have quite a few great unread books sitting on them, right next to a big pile of some of the greatest books I’ve ever read. There are few better ways to burn a few hours than to read a great book.

If you don’t have any books available to you, visit your local library. There are thousands upon thousands of books available there for free borrowing.

I could list hundreds of books that I’ve enjoyed over the years. The key, though, is to find something you enjoy, whether it’s something challenging or a complete page-turner. READ MORE>

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Photography is one of the hobbies that people can pick up and learn fairly easily. Some people have the impression that there is a trick to taking great pictures. There are some different elements you need to consider in order to both enjoy photography as a hobby, and take great pictures. The fact is, with a little knowledge and some practice, wonderful pictures are a click away. There is nothing more enjoyable than capturing pictures of wonderful moments and images and sharing them with others.

In order to pursue photography as a hobby, you first need to learn some of the techniques and skills associated with it. You need to gather the different materials needed as well. Some suggestions for people who are starting photography as hobby include:

* Familiarize yourself with topics that interest you so that you understand the topic you wish to photograph

* Consider investing in either an automatic focus camera, or a self-focusing SLR camera.

* For people who choose nature as a subject of their photography, it is important to consider the location of the pictures they take. Making sure the sun will not affect the picture in undesired ways, and positioning yourself behind the sun so that the light will create clearer shots is important.

* When you first start taking pictures, you may want to practice by taking pictures around your own home. You may even take great pictures of unplanned or unexpected moments!

* You may wish to use a tripod in order to achieve pictures that are steady, and you can produce great images when you use the right angles! Paying attention to the shape, position, and size of the subject you are photographing is important as well.

* In the absence of sunlight, artificial light may be needed. The camera you are using may have a flash, but sometimes the light from it may not be enough to create a clear image.

Citation: Disabled World News – Photography is a hobby people can learn fairly easily especially with our tips and tricks for taking great photos and pictures:

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