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So many people want to play music, but they have no ability, no talent and no time to learn to play a musical instrument.  I saw a great contest where people compete to play music and have fun doing it. The best part is this instrument seems to need no lessons, no training and no hassle. Tell me what you think when you see this site

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In the digital age, we have more hobbies and interests available than ever. Even our favorite pastimes like reading books and watching television have changed. The Internet. Social media. Digital photography. What’s next for you?

For a long list of modern alternatives, take a look at this list:

What is your short list for 2012 and beyond?



Social Media Gaining Influence, Reach For Advertisers and Advocates

With the explosion of social media, traditional hobby activities are being impacted in a variety of ways. More and more people are spending time on Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Pinterest and others, which is adding to the interest in digital photography. It’s safe to say that this activity is changing the way that people are spending their time and money.

Crossbow Communications advertising and PR

Crossbow Communications advertising and PR.

With this in mind, should social media be classified as a hobby? Is Facebook a digital scrapbook? Is Twitter a platform for poets? Is social media connecting people with similar hobbies?

Tell us what you think.