After soundly beating my buddy in a game of chess, I got excited to do a little research on some of my hobbies. Enjoy!

Chess Openings: Sicilian Defense

The Sicilian Defense is widely considered the best defense against white’s e4 opening move. Here we discuss various lines in the sicilian defense and key concepts to consider when you play the sicilian. Make sure to check out more great chess content…

fish on.: Ole Ray!


The past two days Tony and I guided a group of guys on some morning fly fishing trips. We have been getting started early to beat the heat and the fishing has been great. Once the sun gets up high the bite has been slowing

Trials Riding on Killer rocks in Moab – Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

This video features my good friend Jeremy VanSchoonhoven. He was a finalist last year on America’s Got Talent! He is a professional Trial Bike rider. He performs all over the world. And you can book him for an event through his manager. Here is her c…

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