Wildlife Habitat Falling To Deforestation

Wildlife around the world are under siege like never before. In many cases, the problems are escalating due to the anemic global economy. Rhinos, tigers, orangutans and many other species are critically endangered and could be extinct within just a few years. The animals in our oceans are facing the same plight. Dolphins, whales, sharks, and many other ocean dwellers are being pushed to the verge of extinction.

Sumatra elephant and tigers endangered

On the domestic side of the animal kingdom, the problems are just as daunting. Cats, dogs, horses and many other creatures are neglected, abused, and tortured by people who often are equally as abusive to people. Plus, millions of unwanted and abandoned pets and horses are killed each year. Often under inhumane and horrific conditions.

The good news is that some very brave and beautiful souls are working hard to give these creatures a voice and a chance. Celebrities and unsung heroes alike are joining hands and rising up against greed, cruelty and injustice. “The Defenders” is a multimedia project that will recognize these heroes, while inspiring others to take action. people such as Captain Paul Watson, The Barbi Twins, Ken Wahl, Paul McCartney, Yao Ming, Bruce Springsteen, and man, many others are worthy role models for all of us.

We can’t afford the time necessary to go through traditional publishers and media companies. As an “Indie” project, we can move much quicker and have much more editorial control of the content.

– Free e-Book. We will promote it heavily to schools, home schools, libraries, and animal lovers around the world.
– Multidimensional website that will mirror the book, while offering additional resources, forums, and networking forums. We want people to have access to the information, even if that don’t have an e-reader.
– Global Promotion. Social media, online media, and traditional media.

– Video production (for news, YouTube, movies, etc. We believe that The Defenders also will make a popular television show for broadcast or cable).


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Language And Travel Guide To Indonesia

Indonesia is a fascinating country and a rewarding destination for business and pleasure. The people are warm and friendly and they have rich cultural traditions and stunning arts and crafts. With more than 17,500 islands, there is something for everyone–from the spas and resorts on Bali to the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan on Java.

Indonesia has some of the largest and most exotic islands in the world, including Bali, Borneo, Java, Komodo, New Guinea, and Sumatra—more than 17,500 islands in all. With more than 210 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most-populous country in the world. These islands only represent one percent of the world’s land area, but they are home to more than 10 percent of all mammal species—more known mammal species than any other country. As a result of a growing human population, Indonesia now has more endangered mammals than any other country, including the orangutan, Javan rhinoceros, Komodo dragon, Sumatran tiger, and the Sumatran elephant.

“Indonesia has some of the most amazing biodiversity in the world, but many ecosystems are under siege by the economic pressures of this rapidly growing nation,” Chandler said. “The country is doing its best to balance development and conservation, but it’s a challenge. If we can help this beautiful country expand its eco-tourism opportunities, it will help the locals support their families, while defending their ecosystems, which will benefit the country and the world.”

Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia

Language and Travel Guide to Indonesia.

Chandler penned his first Indonesian guidebook in 1994. He also has written eight other books about environmental success stories from around the world. The new Indonesian guidebook  has been updated, expanded and published to emphasize wildlife and marine destinations across numerous Indonesian islands.

If you are looking for adventure, you can go in search of wildlife, go scuba diving or surfing. Take a volcano trek. Your options are as diverse as this massive archipelago.

This photo tour of Indonesia will give you a quick introduction to Indonesia and its major islands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj7_1qw1cyg


For more information, visit http://indonesiantravelbook.com/indonesia-travel-information/ Be sure to order your copy of the best language and travel guide available to make sure that you get the most from your vacation, adventure, or business trip. Author Gary R. Chandler offers excellent travel advice and simple language tips that will make a difference in your overall experience.

Chandler is the founder of Crossbow Communications, a firm that specializes in public affairs, public relations and issue management. The company is based in Denver and Phoenix. Chandler is donating all proceeds from this book to wildlife conservation causes in Indonesia. http://crossbowcommunications.com/advertising-and-public-relations-agency/

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